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We’re Drap Digital ⁠— a creative web & graphic design brand specializing in providing bespoke web solutions for businesses and individuals in Kenya and beyond. At the core, we’re web designers, but we don’t just leave it at websites, we also help with a wide range of online marketing strategies, from advertising, social media, to online content management.

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we ♥ what we do

Our love and passion for the web is unmatched. We bring enthusiasm, commitment, and originality to every project we work on. Some might say we are a bit too much, but that is what sets us apart from other Web Developers in Kenya. Put simply, if you want a partner who cares about your presence on the web, choose Drap Digital.

our difference

behind the brand

Drap Digital is a brainchild of Norman, a multi-talented and passionate Web Specialist and UX/UI Designer working towards making the web a visually appealing place for everyone. Norman is a certified Information Technology expert and an ‘All-Things-Web’ guru boasting over 8 years of experience working in the Info-Tech sphere.

He enjoys every bit of technology, whether it’s spending hours on his computer writing code, designing graphics, blogging about tech, building social media presence, or even on-site setting up multi-span computer networks.

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we focus on creativity

Our focus is to produce ideas that help our clients stand out from the crowd. We achieve this by putting creativity and uniqueness at the heart of everything we do. We strive to give viewers a ‘Wow!’ effect whenever they visit our work ⁠— from websites to web graphics, branding, to logos, and prints.

We don’t just build websites. We emphasize on delivering exceptional and cutting-edge websites with modern usability standards in mind.