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we’re experts in managing websites & online content

Are you tired of spending countless hours trying to figure out how to manage your website? Wish you had an in-house ‘website guy’ but can’t justify an extra employee? Drap has got you covered!

We specialize in managing websites of a wide variety, regardless of who built them. From eCommerce websites, to Corporate websites and Personal Blogs. We will handle all the technical and management aspects of your website as you concentrate on building your business or brand.

why do you need website management?

up to date
Old is Gold… But as your brand or business grows, you’ll want to update your website to include new services, special offers, news/blogs or to even remove outdated content.
cost effective
Having an in-house website manager is an expensive task. Why incur the expenses of hiring an extra employee when you have an cheaper option of hiring us?
time saving
Managing a website can be an overwhelming task for those with other responsibilities. Outsource to us and you will have more time to handle other important duties.

what we actually do

after-design monitoring, updates, upgrades and maintenance
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updating website content

Editing information being displayed on the website, e.g. posting new services or products offered by the company, editing or deleting old content, posting news/blog articles, ETC

managing website security

Monitoring malicious logins and hacking attempts by hackers, scanning for and fixing vulnerabilities, locking the website during ongoing DDOS and Bruteforce attacks, among other security tasks.
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Expertise > Web Maintenance Page - Tasks - Uptime

monitoring website uptime

Monitoring website by initiating regular pings (once every 10 minutes) to make sure that the website is online, and applying appropriate measures in case downtime or decrease in performance is noted.

website backups and updates

Our daily website backups will give you peace of mind and save you in catastrophic situations when your site gets hacked or gets accidentally deleted. We will also push daily core updates to the CMS powering your website.
Expertise > Web Maintenance Page - Tasks - Backups
Expertise > Web Maintenance Page - Tasks - Statistics

generating website statistics

Our Daily, Weekly, Monthly and/or Yearly website visitor statistics will help you understand how your website is performing. We prepare the statistics in easy-to-read graphical reports.

search engine optimization

Monitoring the performance of the website on Search Engines and adjusting where necessary, e.g. targeting new keywords, adjusting titles, descriptions, and more.
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our pricing

affordable, flexible and tailor-made pricing

We have based our pricing on a monthly, affordable, flexible and tailor-made model. In which we charge according to the amount of work you need done on your website, and with no extra or hidden charges.

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