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we build top-notch websites

Your website is your first digital impression. It’s a reflection of you, your company, and what you have to offer. It may be the first impression a potential customer or business partner receives of your company. Therefore it should reflect your business insight and what makes you, your brand or business stand out among the rest.

At Drap Digital, we exist to help you achieve this using a creative and uniquely designed website. As Kenya’s most creative web designers, we don’t just design websites, we emphasis on delivering exceptional and cutting-edge websites, with modern usability standards in mind.

website features

we build websites that are
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websites that 'define you'

We build a website that will set you, your brand or business apart from others – A website that reflects your business insight and what makes you stand out among the rest. A website that strives to impress potential customers and business partners.

creative & unique websites

While standardization is a good thing, it is boring. You need some creativity to be able to stand out, which aligns with our design focus – Creativity & Uniqueness. We like to take a step outside the ‘norm’ web design traits and sprinkle in a little bit of creativity to come with truly unique websites.
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Expertise, Web Design Page - Features - Responsive

responsive & mobile friendly

We build websites that not only look good but perform exceptional all devices. Our 100% responsive web designs provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices – from feature phones to smartphones, tablets, computers, and even Ultra-HD displays).

search engine optimized

Ooh man, don’t we all just love Google? All our web designs are built with Search Engines in mind. We follow the latest standards and trends dictated by Search Engines such as Google and Bing to come up with Search Engine Optimized websites. From Clean URLs to organized data structures, easy navigation, optimized load speeds, among others.
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Expertise, Web Design Page - Features - Security

secure and hacker proof

Our dear old nemesis, the hackers can be very troublesome, not just for you as the website owner, but also for your website visitors. However, with Drap Digital by your side, you won’t need to worry about it as we build websites with the best security and features in mind.

content management systems

We build our websites on top of powerful Content Management Systems (CMS) that allow website owners to manage their websites easily and effectively, with or without web development skills. Our CMS platforms allow web management from web browsers, smartphones and tablets.
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some of our designs

From websites, to web graphics, logos and even print media, we have built awesome things for awesome people, and we have had tonnes of fun along the way. Below’s a quick showcase of one of our most recent work.

more of our awesome work

websites   graphics  logos prints

design process

a brief outline of the process we follow to deliver exceptional websites
get idea
It all starts with sitting down with the client, gathering information to help us get an idea of what they want.
We design initial drafts for the client’s website and settle on one concept that best suits the project.
Actual work of developing the website happens. The client can follow up and make changes where necessary
Once the website is complete and the client is fully satisfied with the work done, we publish the website online.

website maintenance

after-design monitoring, updates, upgrades and maintenance
Expertise, Web Design Page - After Design

We understand that your website is not a one time task. It’s not finished, only launched. This is why we offer tailored after-design maintenance services to ensure your website runs smoothly.

  • Up-time Monitoring to ensure full-time availability
  • Security Monitoring and dealing with hackers
  • Content Updates – Removing outdated, uploading new.
  • Reports & Statistics – Prepared daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Backups – Performing daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Email Management

managed hosting

better website performance through managed website hosting

A good website design is no better without a good hosting solution. Our partnership with arguably the best Web Hosting Service Provider in the region guarantees you nothing but top-notch hosting for your website.

We can match whatever Space, Speed or Bandwidth that your website needs to provide the most optimal performance. Our automatic server monitoring system enables us to detect and fix many common hosting problems before you’ve realized anything has happened.

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